Tuesday, January 31, 2017


The Best Book To Learn Spanish
A Good Spanish Book! by University Academic Editions is the result of a concept we had in mind for a long time: To create the best book to learn Spanish.

The task wasn't easy. The editorial market was already filled with lots of Spanish books. So we thought that our best chance to make a difference would be to offer a much better book than the rest. With this goal in mind we decided that we would get the best author we could find, and ask him to create the perfect book to learn Spanish, so that we could be ahead of the other Spanish books.

  • A University Lecturer (we didn't want amateurs, we wanted the best of the best)
  • Native from Spain, a Spaniard (it's their language. They know Spanish perfectly)
  • Specialized in Teaching Spanish (a true specialist in the area)
  • Teaching it to English-speakers (so he can address the challenges we have)
  • With a different and much better methodology (all the other books look the same)
After much searching we found Dr. Ricardo Roque Mateos, whose PhD thesis was precisely the type of approach we had been looking for in terms of methodology. He has taught in universities worldwide and his qualifications as a professor were highly impressive. Most important of all: The final result of the book was magnificent.

A Good Spanish Book! is designed to teach you all the necessary elements in Spanish (words, verbs, phrases, skills, etc.) to take you from a beginner to an intermediate user in less time than any other book. It's an easy method and very effective. Several universities are already introducing it as part of their Spanish curriculum.

This is the best book to learn Spanish and we are very proud of the results people are getting with it. They are learning better, faster, and easier. If you are looking for a different book to learn Spanish, one that can give you the best results: YOU HAVE FOUND IT.